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Press Release                                                                                              April 1, 2009

Contact: Sariel Liu, PR Manager                              FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE

Tel. 02-21234567   

Cell Phone: 0982123456

Email: nick881218@yahoo.com.tw




New product launched with new spokesperson Namie Amuro



Professional shampoo brand – VS Sasoon gives chances to Tokyo.  From April first to May 25, mailing two labels from the any new product with detail contact information to VS Sasoon, five lucky guys will have a free five-day Tokyo trip to see the concert of Namie Amuro in June 10.



New products launch conference on March 20 in Han-Lai hotel.  This season, VS Sasoon invites a famous Asian star – Namie Amuro to be the spokesperson.  With new product launching, VS Sasoon would like to send five people to the concert and experience the charm of Namie Amuro.



The theme of this season is to make a diamond shinning hair look.  VS Sasoon invites three popular stylists to create three different look for Namie Amuro which are the customer can easily learn.



New involved elements can make hair much smoother and shinning even doesn’t use hair conditioner.  VS Sasoon always create the easiest hair protecting way for customers.





If you’d like more information about this topic or to schedule and interview with Sariel Liu, please call at 02-21234567 or e-mail at nick881218@yahoo.com.tw


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