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--- Workshop 2-2 -- deceptive ad

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Provide (and describe) an example of unfair or deceptive practices you have seen in Advertising.
This ad is for coke, and I think it is a kind of deception because the slogan and the image.
First, the slogan tells the viwers start drink coke as earlier as possible, but there are
lots of studies saying about coke migh cause fatness and osteoporosis.  It is very
inappropriate for children to drink.  Second, the image shows a baby and a women( maybe baby's mother).
The use of ad is to promote their product, so this ad might be seen ofter.
Some mother might be brainwashed by this ad and believe that starting drinking coke earlier
is better to children.

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Aiden Yeh said

at 8:00 pm on Feb 27, 2009

Good research skills, Sariel!

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