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Feb 23 --- Workshop 2-1 -- puffery ad

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1. Describe the puffery committed in the ad.
This is an ad which promotes nike sneakers with a famous NBA star Kobe Bryant.
The image is showing that he wears the sneakers when playing basketball.
If the viewers wear the sneakers, they could play basketball as well as Kobe Bryant.
The slogan is "change the game" which tells the viewers have the ability to
change the result of the game.  In other words, the game might lose if you don't 
wear the sneakers, but there might be a tatally different result if you wear the sneakers.
2. Explain why you do or don't consider it deceptive.
It's not deceptive because, base on the slogan, there's a question that
if all the players of a basketball game wear the sneakers,then which team could win?
Kobe Bryant is the spoke person of this product dosen't mean the viewers could 
become Kobe if wore the sneakers.  It's common sense that nobody can
become the other.



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Aiden Yeh said

at 7:59 pm on Feb 27, 2009

Good job.

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