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March 2 --- Workshop 3-1 -- utility in ad

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Source: http://www.yowazzup.com/tag/speed-fit


1. Find a prind ad and identify the the utility that is communicated in the ad.

   It's an ad for a gym.   The psychic utility is included in this ad.


2. Does it address a function need or symbolic want?

   It shows a symbolic want by the image and the line.  If look proberly, you can

   see an unhappy face which is displaying by a human's body.   Unhappiness is a

   psychic feeling.  You can realize that fatness might cause unhappiness and make

   us feel bad mentally.  The line "unhappy with the shape you're in?"

   reminds the viewers that bad body shape also make you unhappy.


3. Describe that need or want.

    I think everybody wants a good body shape, because people want to give

   a good image and impression to others but these are not really necessary. 

   There are still come people who don't care about it.  Good image and impression

   are those which satisfy self-satisfaction, and people won't have a difficulty to live 

   without a good body shape.

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