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March 9 --  Assignment

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This is an ad for Britney's perfume with the founder, Britney Spears' picture

as the  spoken person.  Britney is a famous singer. 

Her image on the poster is a sex appeal because of her fame.

She is young, pretty and she can sing and dance well. 

People would like to be pretty and talent just like her.  

In this ad, the demographic segmentation is not sex, not education but "age".

Mostly, young people (under 28) and teenagers adore idols.

Besides the viewers who are attracted by the sex appeal,

there are lots of fans of Britney.

They like her so they would like to have the same perfume

with her or they would like to support her brand and the perfume she makes. 

Also, the perfume is kind of emotional calling.

The battle is well designed with green color which might make the viewers relax. 

The image that a bird on Britney's hand shows that if wearing this perfume,

and nature would come closer to you which symbolize the feeling "relaxing".

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