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workshop 1

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1. Describe the offense committed in the ad.

    This ad shows that a man is attracted by a woman physically.

    The tie represents his sexual organ as an exciting situation which also represents

     the man's reaction.  Two twisted straws also  gives a sexual hint.


2. Explain why you do or don't consider it sexually offensive.

    I think it's a sort of sexually offensive but not that offensive by the reason that 

    it is normal that a man is attracted by a woman, and the man and the women

    hit on each other, but it is too obvious with the man's reaction.


3. Where is the socially accepted line between 'erotic suggestiveness' and 'explicit sexuality' in advertising?

    In this ad, there is more erotic suggestiveness than explicit seuality.

    This picture doesn't show any nude people or any action which makes viewers have

    the idea of explicit sexuality, but this ad gives the idea which is when the man wearing

    LV tie, and he can get girls easily, or in other words, he can get the girl he wants more easily.



4. Can an ad feature nudity without erotic suggestiveness or explicit sexuality? Is either ever appropriate in an ad?

    Yes, feature nudity can be a positive image, but also a negative one which depends on the

    viwers mind.  Feature nudity is a kind of trick which catch the attention,

    but  it is not that appropriate if the ad is promoted to public.

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